Tesla – Range Anxiety is a Mirage

We are happy owners of Tesla TSLA in our fund and have documented our core rationale here: Tesla sits at a great intersection. One pesky objection has been “range anxiety” which it is suggested will prevent broad adoption of the technology. We haven’t dealt with it head-on since we didn’t think we had much to […]

Another General Purpose Technology

A general purpose technology (GPT) is a big deal. Examples in the past include the printing press, the steam engine, and more recently in 1971 the microprocessor. It takes a long time for a GPT to play out from an investment standpoint. The timeframes are getting shorter but they are still measured in decades rather […]

3D Gets Physical

We’ve been following 3D for a few years although most of our early work was on visual 3D and motion processing. It fits into our RealVR ├╝ber theme. On the motion processing side we own a position in InvenSense (INVN) which makes the motion processing chips that are now commonly embedded on mobile phones and […]