A play on software-based carrier networks

It’s a long story but carriers are shifting from using dedicated hardware boxes for network functions to software running on general purpose hardware. The trend has been in place since the debut of the internet and the http protocol. Networks are big and ugly though so they take time to change. When they are mission-critical […]

Accelerate Diagnostics AXDX

Accelerate Diagnostics (AXDX) is a good example of a new technology that had a market valuation that was too high given their current stage of development. They target a large potential market. Infections are a huge problem in healthcare but figuring out what the infection is and how to treat it takes far too long; […]

LinkedIn = Facebook for Business

LinkedIn has Facebook to thank for saving their business and making their company a valuable property. LinkedIn struggled over the years to expand usage and discover business models that would generate revenue. They had some luck with using the platform for recruiting and selling premium subscriptions to LinkedIn power users. But most business users and […]

Tesla sits at the middle of three major trends

We originally looked at Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) as a play on electric vehicles (which to some degree it is) but over time we realized that Tesla was much more than that. In addition to what we see as an attractive valuation there are a few themes that Tesla plays into: Connected Car: The electronic content […]